Charities – The Impact of Brexit

17634683_803731906460930_6438811749241722779_nThe Charity Finance Group (CFG) are carrying out an impact survey of how Brexit will impact upon the Third Sector. We would encourage all charities to take part in the survey. The CFG state:

One of the key risks that CFG Members and charities have identified is the potential loss of EU nationals as staff and challenges of recruitment. 

We are working with the Institute of Public Policy Research to assess the impact of Brexit on the charity sector workforce and what the challenges facing the sector may be in replacing these workers. 
The more charities that take part in this survey, the better we will be able to influence the post-Brexit immigration system and stand up for the interests of the charity sector. “
If you have any questions about the survey, please email Andrew.O’ or call 0207 871 5477.
This survey will close on 12th February 2018. 
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