Important! Press statement by Michel Barnier following this week’s round of negotiations

diverging uk-euWe now have the full press statement delivered today by the EU’s Chief Negotiator, Michel Barnier. The Article 50 negotiations are reaching a crucial stage. There are two weeks to go before the June European Council and significant disagreement still exists between the EU and UK negotiators on a number of issues.

Today Mr Barnier said; “The United Kingdom seems to want to maintain the benefits of the current relationship, while leaving the EU regulatory, supervision, and application framework.” However, he also called for pragmatism.

Todays press statement focused on the three points of the recent negotiations:

  • The separation issues;
  • The major question of Ireland and Northern Ireland, in light of the UK paper presented yesterday;
  • The future partnership and the conditions to succeed.

The UK’s desire for a UK-wide solution to the issues of the Irish boarder rather the EU’s backstop approach is proving to be one of the areas of division between the negotiating parties.

We will keep you posted as to further developments but in the meantime the full statement covering the current state of the negotiations can be found HERE.

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