Parliament debate the Withdrawal Agreement- 12th & 13th June 2018

It is reported that MPs are set for two days of vote on up to 15 amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill, the legislation involved for legally implementing Brexit.

There is particular emphasis on a number of amendments; Business Insider (12th June, 2018) have produced a fruitful summary of three significant amendments that will be discussed accordingly by The House of Commons:

  • The Norway model amendment: ‘One of the most talked about amendments in recent weeks has been amendment 110A, 51, which seeks to keep Britain in the European single market via membership of the European Economic Area after it has left the EU — aka the Norway model. Supporters argue it would protect the economy by preserving Britain’s place in the single market, while those against it say it would force Britain to accept EU rules it would no longer have a say in shaping, including the contentious free movement of people’.


  • The Meaningful Vote amendment: ‘At the time of writing, the biggest threat to the government comes in the shape of amendment 49, 19 — the “meaningful vote” amendment. In practice, this would give MPs and Lords the power to decide what happens should they decide to reject the Brexit deal May hopes to bring back from Brussels later this year. This means MPs and Lords could tell May to go back to negotiating table and get something better, for example. As things stand, Parliament does not have this power, meaning voting against the deal could lead to Britain crashing out with no deal at all’.


  • The Customs Amendment:‘This amendment — amendment 1.1 – would force May’s government to take steps to keep Britain in a customs union with the European Union after Brexit. Supporters of this policy argue it would protect British jobs and go some way to preserving the Invisible Irish border, while detractors point out it would prevent Britain from signing its own trade deals after it has left the EU’.

Monitor the proceedings via the hashtag #WithdrawalBill which is currently trending Twitter, we would also recommend you follow the European Commissions Brexit updates HERE and  UK Parliament’s updates HERE

The UK Parliament published an insight report on the UK-EU Relations discussing the need for both sides to focus on identifying benefits, and areas of mutual interest, and to acknowledge that compromises will be needed.


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