UK implementation of the EU Trade Mark Directive

The IPO has published a response to its consultation on UK implementation of the EU Trade Mark Directive. This provides a summary of the key points raised by respondents on the proposals and draft statutory instrument. It includes the government’s response to these comments and, where appropriate, indications of how the draft legislation will be amended. Consultation began in 2015 and has recently been completed, where it will begin to be implemented in EU law.

The Directive is intended to update and further harmonise existing trade mark law applying to the national trade mark systems of EU Member States. It also reflects changes made to the EU unitary trade mark right by the EU Trade Mark Regulation. Generally, Directives promote and help enforce the free trade, free movement and competition rules across the EU.

Therefore, this will still be necessary for businesses operating in the UK/EU after the UK’s withdrawal, and will coincide with the the UK intellectual Property Office.

Here, you can read the full response on the Trade Mark Directive consultation page:

intellectual property


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