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The UK’s Secretary of State for leaving the EU, Dominic Raab, held constructive talks with Michael Barnier in Brussels yesterday.

The two parties still converge on two key areas:


  1. First, we need to finalise the outstanding issues of the Withdrawal Agreement, including a legally operative backstop for Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  2. Second, we need to agree on a political declaration on our future relationship.
The future UK-EU customs agreement is far from being agreed-Barnier acknowledges that both sides want an ‘ambitious free trade agreement’. Having said that, the EU would not delegate “excises duty collection to a non-member”, seemingly ruling out May’s proposal of collecting customs on the EU’s behalf.
Barnier’s full statement can be read by hovering over, and then clicking on the image below.

press conference strasbourg

With regards to today’s proceedings, Prime Minister Theresa May is to hold Brexit talks with the Austrian chancellor. A summary of expected talks can be read HERE




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