European Parliament Elections May 2019

European Parliament Elections May 2019

With the flexible extension of Article 50 it is still possible that the UK will take part in May’s European Parliament elections. We will keep you informed as the 31st May deadline approaches.  Our focus will be to remain impartial and keep citizens informed about the process of voting and courage people to take part in Europe’s biggest democratic exercise. You can follow developments on Twitter by using the #EUelections2019

EU citizens living in the UK will be able to participate in their own countries elections. If and how they can vote will depend on each nations laws for non-resident voting. Specific information from your own member state Liaison Office with the European Parliament can be found HERE.

The European Union have launched a website entitled ‘ this time I’m voting.’ The site allows you to register to receive information about the elections. We recommend all EU citizens residing in the UK do this so that they kept up to date and don’t lose their right to vote. It is very important that your views are represented by your MEPs.

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