Six Months to go

With less than 6 months until Brexit, time is of the essence and it is important communities and individuals are made aware of their rights after Brexit day and throughout the transition period, which runs until the 31st December 2020. Society groups that could be significantly impacted upon include EU migrant groups, employers, and UK Nationals looking to emigrate from the UK to an EU Member state. Our upcoming event on Thursday 27th September 2018 is very timely, as a comprehensive round-up of where we are at with Brexit will be given, alongside a Q&A session with a London-based immigration lawyer.

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The event is aimed at advice providers such as those which would closely with community groups, and services used by community groups; therefore, hospital, library, university and school staff are all relevant networks and it would be beneficial if they were represented at the event.

Just today, there was an article on how skilled workers, such as hospital staff, may be affected upon.  These individuals will need to ensure that they have applied for either pre-settled or settled status. Hospitals also receive patients of European origin, thus a thorough awareness of the process is essential throughout the realms of a public service such as a hospital.

You can sign up to the event HERE.

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