Why this time we’re voting

The 2019 European Parliament Election is approaching fast! EU Member State nationals will be able to cast their vote from 23–26 May, 2019. As previously mentioned in our blog, there will be several people and communities within the UK who will continue to have a democratic right to vote (even though the UK is scheduled to depart from the EU). If you are an EU National residing in the UK, take a look at the specific criteria for each EU Member State to refresh your memory and apply the rules to your context:

European ElectionsWhether you believe strongly in democracy, human rights, the environment or local funding projects, voting is one way of making your voice heard. If you vote, it may empower others to follow suit as well!

Discover the reasons why people will vote in the European elections in May 2019 HERE

The EU video can be watched in all member state languages.

This is a collection of testimonials posted on social media with the hashtag #ThisTimeImVoting

Browse all social media platforms for other reasons why people are choosing to vote!


Any questions, please do get in touch with the Europe Direct team!

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