The EU’s Settlement Scheme- an update

The latest update on the EU’s Settlement Scheme is in relation to the proof of residence in the UK. There are several ways to prove your length of residency, the two most common types being through tax or benefit records.

However in some instances, there will not be enough data for the Home Office to be able to confirm automatically that you’ve been here for 5 years in a row. This is not a problem. You can upload photos or scans of documents as evidence of your UK residence. The application process appreciates that each family, or applicant, is going to require alternate ways to prove their 5 years of lawful residence.

Thus, the Home Office have provided guidelines for how an applicant can consider proving their eligibility of 5 years’ residence. The list is very broad, and should cover the majority of individuals cases. Explore the report HERE

Although the Settlement Scheme pilot is being delivered in other parts of the UK, readers across East Midlands North may still be interested. Discover everything you need to know about the pilot HERE

Settled Status Scheme

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