EU Settlement Scheme- how long will the application process take?

Current expected processing times for applications to the EU Settlement Scheme pilot

The EU Settlement Scheme pilot study is well underway. From 1 November to 21 December 2018, eligible candidates working in the higher education, health or social care sectors have been encouraged to participate. Designated sample locations in which participants are to be considered in the study include the 15 NHS Trusts and 3 universities in north-west England.


Currently, the Home Office have offered broad guidelines for the length of the application. For instance, a straightforward application should take approximately 2 weeks to process and for that particular candidate to be issued with either pre-settled or settled status.

Case studies following the pilot study will give the UK government a much clearer indication on the processing and waiting times for candidates once their application is submitted.

Monitor latest updates via the application process guidelines link- this page will be updated accordingly over the next few months.

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