Our next stop-Chesterfield Library

This time next week, we’ll be visiting Chesterfield Library to host an information drop-in session (Thursday 15th November).

The event is free-of-charge, and sign-up is not required; the event is deliberately designed this way for visitors to ‘drop-in’ whatever time is convenient for them!

There will be a diverse range of information leaflets and resources for you to take away, including a young person’s guide to how the EU makes decisions and pass laws!

EU Citizens (nationals from any EU member state), advice providers who work with EU communities, British citizens that regularly travel, British citizens that are looking to move abroad, and anyone else with a general interest are all more than welcome.

We will endeavour to answer specific enquiries on the day, and if we cannot resolve the query immediately, a follow up scheduled advice session via telephone/email can be undertaken if necessary. Additionally, we will provide general information/overview of what Europe Direct East Midlands North actually is for interested passers-by!

Monitor our upcoming events for the remainder of 2018 and leading into the New Year by referring to our website on a regular basis, or alternatively, you can sign up to our monthly e-newsletter!

Thank you,

Europe Direct East Midlands North.

chesterfield drop in session

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