EU Passenger Rights Q&A- Tuesday 20th November

We are thrilled to share with our audience news of the upcoming EU Passenger Rights Q&A, which will be live-streamed on Facebook tomorrow between 11am-1pm.

This is a Facebook chat in cooperation with Directorate General for Mobility and Transport on EU passenger rights.

Organising such chats has been an ongoing process since November 2014 with quite great success (around 80-100 questions replied every time). This will be the 8th chat in the series.

As usual, legal experts from the Your Europe Advice Network and DG MOVE colleagues will gather in the BREY IT Training Room next Tuesday and with the moderation of the Your Europe team, they will be replying to questions for 2 hours. Your Europe Advice experts will reply to the practical questions regarding existing rights, remedies and Court practice, while the invited colleagues from MOVE will help out with the questions of political nature.

The chat platform is already open, consequently people are free to submit their questions NOW; but the experts will reply only on 20 November.

Enquiries in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Slovenian, Greek, Bulgarian, Danish and Swedish will all be responded to. These are the languages our invited experts can cover.

Head straight over to the Facebook Video by clicking on the image below!

Passenger Rights

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