Statement by Michel Barnier at the Plenary session of the European Parliament on the Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom (29th November 2018)

Michel Barnier, the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator, delivered his speech confirming the endorsement of the Draft Withdrawal Agreement, and the approval of the Political Declaration for a future UK-EU relationship.

Here are a few lines from his speech in Brussels:

‘The time for negotiating the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration is over.It is now time for ratification by the British Parliament, and by the European Parliament and Council. Given the difficult circumstances of this negotiation, and given the extreme complexity of all the subjects related to the UK’s withdrawal, the deal that is on the table – the draft Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration – this deal is the only and the best deal possible’.

The full copy of Michel Barnier’s speech can be accessed HERE

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