Europe Direct Speaks to Citizens Advice Training Day – 5th December

Training Day1

Europe Direct East Midlands (North) were pleased to be invited to speak to Citizens Advice Broxtowe’s annual training day. With a full house of 48 attendees we were able to provide an overview of the benefits of being in the European Union, including travel, access to health services (EHIC), driving licences, the digital single market and pet passports were all explained. There was much concern about the possible loss of these rights after Brexit.

However the main focus was to explain the customs union and single market. Aided by our new game, ‘The Four Freedoms’ we provided a working overview the concepts behind single market and four freedom. We also gave an explanation of why full access to the single market has never been achieved without respecting the four freedoms of Capital, Labour, goods and services.

Four Freedoms 1

Four Freedoms 2

There was an introduction into the various directives that enable the market and the four freedoms to function on a level playing field. Feedback from the event was very positive and participants described how it was the first time they had been able to grasp these concepts due to the way the information was provided and broken down into manageable segments.

Four Freedoms

IMG_2751The main event was followed by a Christmas meal that provided us the opportunity to discuss, individually, EU topics. Of most interest was citizens rights after Brexit, the Home Office settlement scheme and understanding the UK/EU withdrawal agreement and political declaration.

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