Spanish Citizens living in the UK and UK Citizens living in Spain- protecting your citizen rights

Securing the rights of EU citizens living in the UK (and vice-versa) is an important dimension of the Withdrawal Agreement and future UK-EU negotiations.

For instance, in 2016, there were almost 300,000 British citizens resident in Spain for 12 months or more, while 116,000 Spaniards were living in the UK (Source: Office for National Statistics).

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With a Withdrawal Agreement

The Withdrawal Agreement provides for a transition period up until 31 December 2020, which may be extended. During the transition period, your rights under EU Law will be maintained.

Without a Withdrawal Agreement

If no Withdrawal Agreement is signed or ratified, the UK may pass its own laws. However, the United Kingdom will guarantee certain rights to EU citizens who are resident in the UK at the withdrawal date (29th March 2019).

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The government of Spain have published an insightful ‘Brexit preparation guide’ for Spanish nationals living in the UK, or a British Citizen residing in Spain. For a more detailed view, you can read the article HERE, or click on the image below to be re-directed!

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