The Settlement Scheme- now open to those applying for Settled Status-21st January 2019

The EU’s Settlement Scheme is now live for some EU Nationals living in the United Kingdom. Those who can provide evidence of five years or more residency, without significant time out of the country (6 months or more in any one year period) in a five year space, are likely to be eligible for ‘Settled Status’. The scheme is currently voluntary, with the full roll-out of the Settlement expected at some point in March before the UK leaves the European Union on the 29th March 2019.

The application form is to be completed online in a digital format, consisting of four different sections (see the chart below).

application process

If you require digital assistance or do not have an electronic device at home, the Home Office have created locations to help facilitate you in your application. Please see one of our most recent blog posts on library hubs offering this service in the East Midlands HERE.

Furthermore, the application will be open to all EU Nationals by the 29th March 2019. EU citizens who have been residing in the United Kingdom for less than 5 years will be able to apply for ‘pre-Settled’ status.

A comprehensive summary of what the Settlement Scheme, who needs to apply, eligibility requirements and how you can apply to the scheme, is available on the GOV.UK website.

applying for settlement scheme

If you are a non-profit organisation working closely within a diverse community, there is a detailed caseworker guidance on the GOV.UK website as well, offering a wide array of case study examples.

The team at Europe Direct East Midlands North are also available to help assist you; if you are an EU National living in Derbyshire, Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire, please do not hesitate to get in touch either via email, telephone, or in person at Citizens Advice Broxtowe.

We continue to recycle useful information in the news section of our website, thus your query might be resolved just by flicking through some of our most recent posts.

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