How many of us are on social media?

As more Europeans look for information online and on social media, we reach out through different platforms, including Twitter. The European Commission have reached an impressive milestone with 1,000,000 followers!

In a digitised era, more than half (54%) of the population in the 28 EU countries between the ages 16 to 74 years is on social media.

Caution should be thrown to the wind regarding the over-use of social media. Reliable sources are being merged with ‘fake news’ from inaccurate websites. Therefore, control measures and educational training to distinguish between correct and incorrect information is essential.

Online platforms can be used to great effect- webchats and Facebook live streaming at EU citizens’ rights events are being increasingly used across the UK!

You can stay informed on the latest Facebook live events for EU and UK citizens via the EU Citizens’ rights & Brexit events group on Facebook HERE

Upcoming Citizens’ Dialogue events, hosted by the European Commission, can be accessed HERE

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