European Elections 23-26th May

European Elections 23-26th May

The elections to the European Parliament are getting ever closer. Your views will only be represented in the European Parliament if you participate and vote. Europe Direct East Midlands (North) are non-political and promote knowledge about the European Union on a variety of topics. Knowledge on how to participate is essential. Low turnouts at elections can cause unexpected outcomes and  therefore democracy works best when there is mass participation. Make sure you are registered and know how to vote.

To Help with this the European Union have are  organising events in the UK and across Europe. Visit the This Time I’m Voting website for more information and to sign up to play your part in a full and effective election process, especially if it transpires that the UK does in fact participate in the European Elections.

This time I'm voting

For EU citizens residing in the UK there is a useful chart below that informs about the different voting retirements for EU citizens residing outside the nation state.

Euro Elections clear chart

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