Walk-in Centre

Walk-in Centre

Europe Direct East Midlands (North) opened its new Walk-in Centre from Monday 3rd June 2019. The new service has been opened in response to the number of enquiries, especially those that relate to the EU Settlement Scheme.

We will try and assist anyone who arrives at the centre based at our Beeston office but clients are advised to telephone or email for an appointment. Already we are finding there is an increase in demand for advice on EU topics from travel, consumer, trade and licencing and of course citizenship rights and the EU Settlement Scheme.

Tel: 01773 532291

Email: europedirect@broxtowe.cab.org.uk

What can we help with?

Provide information on European Union (EU) topics such as:

  • Travel in the EU
  • EU consumer rights
  • Education and support materials
  • Information for businesses
  • Citizens’ rights, including help with applications for UK settlement.
  • Other general enquiries

Project Manager, Neil Clurow explains:

Leaflet Rack“Europe Direct is an important first contact to find out about the EU. We are here for everyone irrespective of their views on Brexit. With the continued uncertainties during the extension of Article 50 and not knowing who will be the UK’s Prime Minister during the period until 31st October it is even more important the EU citizens living and working in the UK register under the EU Settlement Scheme before the UK leaves the EU. We are here to help them or their families if they require help to register.”

Mid range

The walk-in Centre is based at the following location:

Citizens Advice Broxtowe                                                   The Council Offices                                                         Foster Avenue                                                                      Beeston                                                                            Nottingham                                                                             NG9 1AB

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