Open Calls for ESF Funding

Open Calls for ESF Funding

The Local Economic Partnership for Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, D2N2 has published the four open calls for investment under the European Social Fund. The current priorities are:

Digital Skills for the Unemployed: Supporting unemployed and inactive participants to develop digital skills currently in demand in the D2N2 labour market. Deadline 18th July.

Digital Skills for the Employed: Improving the digital skills of the existing SME workforce to aid productivity growth and competitiveness. Deadline 18th July.

Careers and Employability Hub: Coordinating meaningful interactions between employers and schools to improve young people employability. Deadline 1st August.

Skills Access Hub: Providing coordinated support for SMEs to access the skills they need for productivity growth. Deadline 1st August.

Full details are available on the D2N2 website by following the link below.


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