Informing on EU Topics – May Data

Informing on EU Topics – May Data

It is the expressed aim of Europe Direct East Midlands (North) to keep the public informed about EU topics. We are independent and impartial and, whilst being co-funded by the European Union, we stick to factual information and do not speak on behalf of any European institutions.

In order to achieve this we communicate through various channels to improve access to information and support. Our commitment is demonstrated by the opening of our new walk-in centre in Beeston Nottingham and we continue to produce a monthly newsletter, provide email information and run a telephone information line. We run an annual information event and participate in events. On the 13th July we shall be attending the Beeston Carnival.

Our Website

Traffic on our website has increased significantly during 2019, possibly reflecting the growing interest in European Union topics. We have recently reviewed the data for May 2019. There were 693 individual visitors to the site with 919 page views. The vast majority (634) were from the UK but there were a significant number of views from across the EU and also some from outside the EU.

The post that attracted most interest related to UK’s EU Settlement Scheme (530). Clearly this is an area that EU citizens residing in the UK are following closely.

On our web pages and blogs we aim to provide information in an understandable way that include links to relevant resources.

If you wish to be alerted to EU topics and important developments sign up for our newsletter by using the online subscription form on our website or by email to:

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