EU Settlement Scheme

EU Settlement Scheme

The Home Office have produced the latest data on applications to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS).  We have reproduced and extract from the report below:

“Number of applications received

The number of applications received in May 2019 was 166,900.
Overall, the total number of applications received up to 31 May 2019 was 788,200.

Number of applications concluded

Concluded applications may relate to an application made in a prior month, and applications received in the latest month may not be concluded until a later month. Therefore, applications concluded are not directly comparable with applications received for the same period.

The number of applications concluded in May 2019 was 223,000. Of these, 64% were
granted settled status and 35% were granted pre-settled status.

Overall, the total number of applications that have been concluded, as of 31 May 2019, was 668,000. Of these, 66% were granted settled status and 34% were granted pre-settled

Number of applications received in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern

Applications have been received from across all constituent parts of the United Kingdom.
In total, as of 31 May 2019, the majority of applications were received from England
(726,700), with an additional 39,700 from Scotland, 11,800 from Wales and 8,700 from
Northern Ireland.”

Help is on hand

Help is on hand in Broxtowe. Our Walk-in Centre is now open Details are available on our website:

east midlands north less distorted

Additional Help for Vulnerable Applicants

Charities and voluntary organisations across the UK are being funded to provide help and information to vulnerable EU, EEA and Swiss citizens applying to the EU Settlement Scheme.

Practical support is available for a range of needs including disabled people, those with severe mental health conditions, victims of human trafficking or domestic abuse, those without a permanent address and those who are elderly or isolated.

The 57 organisations are located across the UK to ensure services are available to those who most need it and a list has been published by the Home Office, below:

Home Office Logo

There is still much work to be done encouraging EU citizens who wish to continue to live in the UK to register under EUSS. Deadline for applications will depend on whether or not the EU and UK approve a deal for the UK’s departure. In a no-deal scenario the cut off point is likely to be 31st December 2020.

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