Work-life balance

Work-life balance

The Work-life balance initiative takes into account the developments in society over the past decade in order to enable parents and people with caring responsibilities to better balance their work and family lives and to encourage a better sharing of caring responsibilities between women and men.

It comes after a public and partner consultation and the analysis of the accompanying impact assessment. It includes legal and policy measures with a proposal for a directive on work life balance and support for member states. The link below provides more details from the European Commission‘s website that includes videos and fact sheets.


This initiative is intended to benefit individuals, companies and the wider society.

Parents and carers will profit from a better work-life balance. Moreover, the foreseen increase in women’s employment, their higher earnings and career progression will positively impact their and their families’ economic prosperity, social inclusion and health.

Companies will benefit from a wider talent pool and a more motivated and productive labour force, as well as from less absenteeism. The rise in women’s employment will also contribute to addressing the challenge of demographic ageing and ensuring Member States’ financial stability.


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