Business Enquiries -Single Market

Business Enquiries -Single Market

At Europe Direct we receive a number of enquiries relating to doing business in the EU. The Single Market and Customs Union means that there are common standards across the EU on things like product and labelling standards, intellectual property, taxation, public contracts, competition rules, employment rights and consumer rights, plus many more.

This may seem overwhelming but these common standards are required to create a level playing field within the Single Market which is necessary for the removal of internal boarders that allow for the free movement capital, goods, services and people. Itself seen as an engine for economic growth. The European Union describe the Single Market as follows:

 “The single market refers to the EU as one territory without any internal borders or other regulatory obstacles to the free movement of goods and services. A functioning single market stimulates competition and trade, improves efficiency, raises quality, and helps cut prices. The European single market is one of the EU’s greatest achievements. It has fuelled economic growth and made the everyday life of European businesses and consumers easier” (

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Support is available to help businesses navigate their way through the single market and grow their business. Support comes in the form of resources provided online, information and advice and in some cases funding. This support is delivered through a mixture of channels including the European Union, national governments (GOV.UK) and in the UK, local enterprise partnerships (in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire this is provided by D2N2, and in Lincolnshire the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership). So if you’re trying to expand your business don’t feel that you are alone. Support is out there and in addition to the links above we have complied some useful sources of information and support as follows:

If you have a question about doing business cross boarder you can contact the Enterprise Europe Network.


They have also produced a practical guide to doing business in Europe.

There is also a host of information provided by both EU and UK reliable sources. They include:

CE Marking

Product Labelling – The Law

Selling Goods and Services

Selling Food and Drink

Finance and Funding

If you are struggling to find the support you need please contact us and we will look to signpost you or your organisation to the appropriate help.

You can contact Europe Direct East Midlands (North) by;


Telephone: 01773 532291

or call into our Walk-in Centre based at the Citizens Advice Beeston office where you will be offered and appointment to see our dedicated Europe Direct Advice Worker. For emergencies we will see you during Citizens Advice Broxtowe opening times without an appointment. See above link for details.


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