EU Settlement Scheme – Support for applicants in Nottingham and the East Midlands

With the UK Government recently announcing that they intend to end freedom of movement on 31st October we felt it would be timely to make EU citizens aware of the help that is available.


It is worth stating that should freedom of movement end on 31st October 2019 EU citizens who have lived or arrived in the UK before that date have until the 31st December 2020 to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

The Withdrawal Agreement incorporates citizens rights. In Chapter 1 under Rights and Obligations,  rights related to residence and residence documents, the Agreement requires the UK to continue freedom of movement as if it were still a full member of the European Union for the transitional period. The UK Government would only be able to end freedom of movement on 31st October if there were no deal.

A report by the Oxford University’s Migration Observatory  states that the UK cannot end freedom of movement on 31st October for a number of reasons.


We are however advising EU citizens to get their paperwork in order and apply to the EU Settlement Scheme now. You can start this process by following the link below.

application process

The process is designed so that most people can apply themselves. However if you need assistance help is on hand. Nottingham Law Centre hold one of the Home Office contracts to assist vulnerable EU citizens who are not able make an application without some help and guidance.

Contact us on  01773 532291 for more information. We offer appointments at our Walk-in Centre. Details HERE.

For an appointment with Nottingham Law Centre’s service telephone 07834 264 950. They also run a free European Settlement Hub in Hyson Green every Friday.


We can also provide help at our Europe Direct Walk-in Centre. Contact us on  01773 532291 for more information or get more details HERE.

Help is also available across the East Midlands from Migrant Help. Details below.

can be found HERE.

Citizens Advice have updated advice on their website. They are now advising EU citizens wishing to remain in the UK to apply for pre-settled or settled status now so that their status is confirmed.

citizens advice

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