August Newsletter

August Newsletter

At Europe Direct East Midlands (North) we are seeing a surge of interest with visits to our website up and increasing numbers contacting our helpline and Walk-in Centre for information and help with the EU settlement Scheme.Whilst politicians in the UK and EU contemplate Brexit ahead of MPs return to Parliament after the summer recess, we take stock of citizens rights.

Political announcements often add to the uncertainty, only today we received an enquiry from a couple, one an Australian national and the other a German citizen who have brought forward their move to the UK fearing that they will not be able to do this so easily after 31st October. In our newsletter we try to provide some clarity and reassurance. The message is don’t panic but do take the necessary steps to secure your citizenship rights.

In the meantime business goes on in the EU with actions to protect our banking and consumer rights, the environment and our European cultures. We hope that you find our newsletter informative.

Next month we hope to bring you more updates on Brexit as well as the work of the European Union’s institutions and general information articles.

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