Nottingham Participates in European Mobility Week

Nottingham Participates in European Mobility Week


Today marks the beginning of European Mobility Week.

EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK (16-22 September), the European Commission’s flagship campaign promoting clean and sustainable urban transport. Under the slogan ‘Walk With Us!’, almost 3,000 towns and cities from close to 50 countries will take part with their activities promoting safe walking and cycling. EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK culminates each year in the well-known Car-Free Day, when streets close for traffic and open for people!

Below you can click on the tram to watch a short video message by European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc on the occasion of EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2019, is relevant throughout the year. In the video, Commissioner Bulc highlights the ways active mobility can benefit our health, environment, and bank balances, and talks about the need to give cities back to pedestrians, cyclists and those using new forms of micro-mobility.

17 EMW TramTrain Connected

Nottingham Participates in European Mobility Week


Nottingham is one of 13 towns and cities from the UK that are taking part and is committed to a week of activities based on the focal theme.

You can subscribe to the European Mobility Week newsletter below:




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