European Parliament – Brexit Steering Group. Statement on the UK Proposals.

European Parliament – Brexit Steering Group. Statement on the UK Proposals.

The European Parliaments Brexit Steering Group (BSG) exists to coordinate and prepare Parliament’s deliberations, considerations and resolutions on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Therefore it’s reactions to the UK Government’s proposals on Brexit matter.

Chaired by the Parliament’s Brexit Coordinator, Guy Verhofstadt the composition and member profiles can be read here.

Today the Brexit Steering Group issued a statement on yesterday’s proposal from the UK Government on Brexit. In summary we have picked out some key points of importance but we would advise our readers to read the full statement here.

  • Whilst the European Union remains open to explore proposals they need to be credible, legally operable, and in practise have the same effect as the compromises found in the Withdrawal Agreement. “.

The most recent proposals are deemed to have failed this test by the BSG for the following reasons:

  • They do not represent a basis for an agreement in their current form.
  • They do not address the real issues around the Irish boarder, in particular they require infrastructre controls.
  • They leave a significant hole in the Single Market.
  • Detail would have to be worked out during the transition period (therfore not being legally operable).
  • They require the consent of the Northern Irish Assembly leaving the agreement uncertain.

Read more about the European Parliament and it’s powers below:



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