Brexit News

Brexit News

The European Commission and the UK have recommended an agreement reached today over Brexit including a new protocol for the island of Ireland. In a press release earlier the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier said:

“We had difficult discussions over the past days. We have managed to find solutions that fully respect the integrity of the Single Market. We created a new and legally operative solution to avoid a hard border, and protect peace and stability on the island of Ireland. It is a solution that works for the EU, for the UK and for people and businesses in Northern Ireland.”

In addition to solutions to avoid a hard boarder and maintain peace and stability on the island of Ireland the main change to the Political Declaration is the to the future economic relationship between the EU and UK. The UK government have opted for a model based on a  Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

The next stage is to get the agreement ratified by the EU and UK.

More details are available on including a letter from Donald Tusk, the revised protocol for Ireland/Northern Ireland, the revised political declaration and questions and answers.


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