Election of the new European Commission

Election of the new European Commission

The European Parliament is set to elect a new European Commission today. The European Parliament’s News page reports:

“Starting at 9.00, Ursula von der Leyen, President-elect of the European Commission, will present her team of Commissioners-designate (already vetted by MEPs in the recent hearings) and discuss the new Commission’s objectives with Parliament.

After the debate, each political group will briefly meet to discuss their voting intentions.

The election at noon will be preceded by statements from the leaders of the political groups (in reverse order of the size of their groups).”

It is expected that A press conference by European Parliament (EP) President Sassoli and President-elect von der Leyen is scheduled for 13.30. For more information visit the EP’s Press Room.


This comes after the UK refused to appoint a Commissioner despite the extension of Article 50. The action has prompted the EU to take action against the UK for the infringement. The BBC covered this topic on 14th November.

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