Businesses and Brexit in the East Midlands and beyond

The British Chambers of Commerce have created a checklist for UK-based businesses to consider the changes that Brexit may bring to your firm, and to help business planning at both operational and Board levels.

Key topics include custom checks, taxation and VAT, data protection and regulation, and e-commerce.

The comprehensive Brexit checklist can be read HERE:

Additionally, the European Commission have produced a customs guide for businesses trading with the EU and the UK alike. Their summary can be found HERE:

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*FINAL CALL* Brexit drop-in session in Derby

Europe Direct East Midlands North will be delivering a drop-in advice session at Sunnyhill Community Centre in Derby on Tuesday 19th 2019.

The event is in the evening (7-9 pm), free-of-charge, and no sign-up is required. Therefore, you are more than welcome to ‘drop-in’ at any point convenient for you.

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We will be on hand to provide information and advise you on specific queries. However, if your enquiry is too complex and requires expertise, we can seek information on your behalf from our specialist immigration lawyers.

There will be a diverse array of fact-sheets/publications for you to collect, including:

  • Children’s guide to travelling
  • Travelling across Europe in 2019
  • Consumer Rights
  • 7 things you should know after Brexit. 

If you cannot make it, and have any specific queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Europe Direct East Midlands North team based at Citizens Advice Broxtowe. Our email address is: 

More in-depth information can be found in our event leaflet:

Sunnyhill Community Centre

How many of us are on social media?

As more Europeans look for information online and on social media, we reach out through different platforms, including Twitter. The European Commission have reached an impressive milestone with 1,000,000 followers!

In a digitised era, more than half (54%) of the population in the 28 EU countries between the ages 16 to 74 years is on social media.

Caution should be thrown to the wind regarding the over-use of social media. Reliable sources are being merged with ‘fake news’ from inaccurate websites. Therefore, control measures and educational training to distinguish between correct and incorrect information is essential.

Online platforms can be used to great effect- webchats and Facebook live streaming at EU citizens’ rights events are being increasingly used across the UK!

You can stay informed on the latest Facebook live events for EU and UK citizens via the EU Citizens’ rights & Brexit events group on Facebook HERE

Upcoming Citizens’ Dialogue events, hosted by the European Commission, can be accessed HERE

Preparations for British Nationals living in Spain

Maintaining the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, and correspondingly the rights of UK citizens living in the EU, is an integral part of the Withdrawal Agreement.

In the context of British citizens living in other EU member states, each country may have slightly different procedures for applying as a resident and thus being able to live, work or study as they currently do.


Estimates suggest that as many as 500,000-700,000 UK nationals who are living in Spain have not registered as residing in Spain.

  • All EU/EEA Nationals living in Spain longer than three months should have the residence certificate called ‘Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Union’.
  • You should register in person at the Oficina de Extranjeros(immigration office) or designated police station in the province where you live.

The Spanish authorities will issue you with a credit-card-sized residence certificate with your:

  • name
  • address
  • nationality
  • NIE number (Número de Identificación Extranjero)
  • date of registration

After you have been registered as a resident for five years, you can apply for a certificate of permanent residence in Spain. You will be issued with a similar credit card size Residence Certificate, but it will additionally state that you are a permanent resident (residente permanente).

GOV.UK contains insightful information for moving to each EU member state. Registering your residency in Spain is HERE

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Joint statement on behalf of President Juncker and Prime Minister May

On the 7th February, President Juncker and Prime Minister May have met today to review the next steps in the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Here is an extract from the Press Release, outlining the discussions between the UK and the EU:

‘The Prime Minister described the context in the UK Parliament, and the motivation behind last week’s vote in the House of Commons seeking a legally binding change to the terms of the backstop. She raised various options for dealing with these concerns in the context of the Withdrawal Agreement in line with her commitments to the Parliament.

President Juncker underlined that the EU-27 will not reopen the Withdrawal Agreement, which represents a carefully balanced compromise between the European Union and the UK, in which both sides have made significant concessions to arrive at a deal.’

Read the full statement HERE:

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Save the date! Reminder of our upcoming event in Sunnyhill, Derby, 19th February

Europe Direct East Midlands North are delivering another event in the Derby city vicinity. This time, we will be at Sunnyhill Community Centre on the 19th February, between 7-9 pm.

The ‘drop-in’ information service is designed for people to visit at whichever point in the session is convenient for them, thus there is no sign-up required.

The information that we provide and distribute is completely free-of-charge, subsequently you are more than welcome to come along and pick up as many resources as you wish for you, your organisation or community group.

In similar past events, we have had representatives from organisations who work with early arrivals into the UK, EU citizens and their families enquiring about ‘Settled Status’ and living in the UK, British citizens looking to move abroad or go on holiday, and many more!

Previous events have been a huge success! Read our summaries of past events at Derby Cathedral and Citizens Advice’s Training Day.

If you cannot make it to the event, but would like some information packs for you or your organisation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Europe Direct East Midlands North team!



Which country will pay for my old-age pension after Brexit?

Currently EU membership ensures your pension rights if you live and work in more than one country of the European Union or in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland? In particular, what happens to contributions paid in one country if you then move to another country?

And which country will pay your pension when you reach retirement age? EU rules on social security coordination enable you to move around Europe and not lose out on your social security rights.

All you need to know about the current rules is contained in this informative European Commission video. However these may change on 29th March for UK citizens. Please keep informed with developments by following our newsfeeds. More information is available on GOV.UK.


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