Europe Direct East Midlands (North) will hold a number of events and briefings throughout the year in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire. They will be designed to keep people and organisations informed about EU topics most relevant to the local community and of course provide up to date information on Brexit.

Upcoming Event in Nottingham City Centre 2019.

On Thursday 21st March 2019, Europe Direct East Midlands North will be delivering a drop-in information event. We will be based at the ‘Ash Room’ in Nottingham CVS, ideally located in Nottingham city centre in close proximity to the bus and tram network. Scheduled a week before the UK leaves the European Union, it is a convenient time to discuss/seek advice on some notable issues.

Our event is open to the general public who may have specific EU-related enquiries, such as living, working and studying in the UK/EU after Brexit. Also, you are more than welcome to come along if you are wanting to get some general information about Europe Direct, and other support networks available in the East Midlands vicinity.

At previous events of this nature, we have had attendees from a numerous range of advice providers, council members, charities and community groups that support early arrivals into the UK. These include EU citizens and UK nationals.

The event is FREE of charge- no sign-up is required beforehand- come along at a time convenient for you.

We will be on hand to assist you in the morning, from 10am-1pm. There will be a diverse range of EU publications, resources and fact sheets available on the day which you are more than welcome to take away with you (as many copies as you wish).

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Europe Direct East Midlands North team!

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Sunnyhill, Derby, 19th February

Europe Direct East Midlands North are delivering another event in Derby. This time, we will be at Sunnyhill Community Centre on the 19th February, between 7-9 pm. The ‘drop-in’ information service is designed for people to visit at whichever point in the session is convenient for them, thus there is no sign-up required.

The information that we provide and distribute is completely free-of-charge, subsequently you are more than welcome to come along and pick up as many resources as you wish for you, your organisation or community group.

In similar past events, we have had representatives from organisations who work with early arrivals into the UK, EU citizens and their families enquiring about ‘Settled Status’ and living in the UK, British citizens looking to move abroad or go on holiday, and many more!

Further details of the event are displayed in the poster below:

Sunnyhill Community Centre.jpg

Our FINAL EVENT of 2018!

Newark Market (Wednesday 12th December 9am-3pm)

Wrap up warm for our FINAL EVENT OF THE YEAR- we will be delivering an information session at NEWARK MARKET!

Everyone is more than welcome- please do come and visit our information stand to find out more about the Europe Direct East Midlands North project!

Our penultimate event of the year is being held at:

Derby Cathedral (Tuesday 27th November, 10am-12pm)

Image result for derby map Image result for derby cathedral







Past Events

Chesterfield Library (Thursday 15th November 2018)

We were delighted to host the first of our November information drop-in events at Chesterfield Central Library.

A location which receives a large amount of footfall, visitors to Chesterfield Library were very interested in the role of the Europe Direct project, engaging in useful discussions with the Europe Direct East Midlands North team and amongst each other.

EDIC Banner in main reception

Derby- Osmaston Road Baptish Church (27th September 2018)

  • Explanation of the role of Europe Direct, what sort of enquiries we have from members of the public at ground-level, but also businesses operating at a broader scale.
  • Update on where we are at with Brexit
  • Q&A with an Immigration lawyer from the firm Seraphus.

Lincoln Central Library (28th August 2018)

  • A Drop-in morning session at Lincoln Central Library (Tuesday 28th August 2018), 10am-12pm, which was open and available to all, free of charge.
  • Informal event, no sign-up required
  • Attendees that visited to find out more information included EU Nationals,
  • community organisation representatives, and other service providers.

inside lincoln central library

Lincolnshire (Boston and Sleaford)- 21st June 2018

Morning Event: Drop-in Session for all

Europe Direct East Midlands North were delighted to host two events in Lincolnshire on the 21st June. In the morning, a drop-in session was held at the Len Medlock Centre in Boston. Often considered as the most ‘Pro-Brexit’ location in Britain, it was essential to gauge some of the issues and concerns facing the town, appreciating the socio-demographic diversity of the town.


Afternoon Free Briefing Session; EU Citizenship and the Settlement Scheme

Europe Direct East Midlands North provided a free briefing session for not-for-profit advice providers, community and statutory organisations in Lincolnshire.

Under the terms of the EU’s draft withdrawal agreement with the UK, the Home Office are setting up a settlement scheme for EU Citizens living in the UK and those who arrive during the transitional period. With 3.4 million EU citizens living in the UK and a high concentration in Lincolnshire, agencies and business need to be fully informed about the process for registering settlement- and of course any future rights EU Citizens who arrive in the UK during the transition period and after Brexit may have. The Home Office published updated terms of the Settlement Scheme during the morning event, perfectly timed for the Sleaford event in the afternoon!

Thanks to our collaboration with the European Commission, we were delighted to offer a free briefing session to non-profit organisations from one of the UK’s top legal firms on the subject Seraphus.


Nottingham- 16th March 2018

Our first event was a huge success. The day comprised of insightful presentations from guest speakers, group discussions, and a question and answer session. Concepts and topics included were:

  • Trading and the EU (Robert Ackrill)
  • Migration and the local economy (Robert Ackrill and Christopher Lawton)
  • Citizenship and Freedom of Movement (Alfonso Valero)

thumbnail_IMG_2357 (1)

Other Events

Interested in how EU developments will impact upon your local community? Upcoming events locally and across Europe, ranging from Agriculture to Migration and Neighbourhood issues, can be found HERE.

Call Europe Direct East Midlands (North): 01773 532291

We will also be in attendance at other events throughout the year, details will be published here and in our newsletter.


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