About Us

The purpose of Europe Direct East Midlands (North) is to engage with the public on European Union (EU) topics of relevance at a local and regional level, promote dialogue on EU issues and cooperate with local information networks.

Keeping the public informed about the EU is particularly important during the Brexit negotiations. We will try to keep people informed about any topics relating to EU institutions, legislation, programmes and general information about the EU, ‘EU Basics.’

During the next 12 months we have prioritised:

  • Keeping the public informed about Brexit.

  • Providing up to date information to EU Citizens residing in the UK.

  • Ensuring young people are informed about the EU.

If you live in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire or Rutland you may wish to visit the Europe Direct East Midlands (South) website.

We will communicate through a number of channels and recommend that you register with us to receive regular email updates about EU developments, events and briefings we are holding across the East Midlands (North. This includes Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

If you have a specific question on an EU topic please call our dedicated telephone line 01773 532291 or send an email to europedirect@broxtowe.cab.org.uk

Europe Direct East Midlands (North) is co-funded by the European Union but does not speak on behalf of the EU.

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