Car Cleaning: How to Know the Perfect Spray Gun

Car Cleaning: How to Know the Perfect Spray Gun

You will get a car wash high pressure water spray gun in three different configurations: gravity feed with a cup on top, siphon feed with a cup under, and pressure feed where the finish gets into the gun via the connected hose on a different pressurized pot. To get the three illustrations, an apollo atomizer gun will help you. You can set it up into these three different configurations.

In woodworking, you can finish your product using a brush or rag. You can wipe off or wipe on the finish like oil, gel varnish, or wiping gel. Spray guns are much better than wiping or brushing. The top advantage is its speed. You will take very little time to spray a gun faster than wiping or brushing.

The guns permit fast-drying finishes to build thickness rapidly with little dust nibs. It makes it easy to apply finish films that are almost perfectly level. Toning is the spraying of finish with a dye or pigment (little colorant) added to tweaks or adjusting wood color regardless if it's stained or not. You can use toning to create decorative effects and highlights.

The disadvantage of spray guns compared to rags and brushes is the high cost and more waste due to overspray. The guns are more complex in keeping your tool in good shape.

How to select a spray gun

It's easy to choose the spray gun that you want. Start by deciding the source of air, whether a turbine or compressor. The second step is to select the gun configuration, whether gravity feed, pressure feed, or siphon-feed. The last step is quality and the amount you are willing and able to pay for the product. You can close this chapter by choosing a brand.

Air source

Compressors. They are big enough to serve spray guns. Some come with wheels, while others aren't portable. They are light with small turbines to make them portable. You can get a compressor that is five hp giving 15 CFM, and has a tank of 60 gallons. The first option is to choose between a gun-running off a compressor with the one that runs off a turbine. Select a compressed air spray gun if you have a compressor producing at least seven or eight CFM and have a huge air storage tank or a 20-gallon tank. You can also choose a compressor that operates other tools like a nail or sander gun.

Choose turbine spray guns if you want portability or have a small space. Compressors permit more control since you can increase the pressure the way you want.


Siphon feed has a material cup attached under the gun. The vacuum taps the fluid up via the tube into the air stream for atomization in old guns.

Gravity feed has cups on top of guns, and they don't need to get pressurized. Fluids flow into atomizing air streams by gravity. Pressure isn't vital here.

The siphon and gravity feed fits in interior cabinet spaces with ease, and it's easy to convert them into pressure feeds via the replacement of the cup connecting the hose to a different pressurized pot.

Pressurized feed is essential where more work has to get finished. Most turbine guns get siphoned feed. The gravity feeds are common with people using compressors.


When selecting your gun, consider all the above. The brand comes last since these machines get produced using almost the same technology.