How Do You Boost Your Garage Door's Life Span

How Do You Boost Your Garage Door's Life Span

The life span of a garage door is directly influenced by the quality of its installation. The more robust the design and materials used in its construction, the longer it will last. This is why it is important to choose high-quality garage doors montreal for your home.

The following are some tips on how to boost your garage door's life span:

Replace Wornout or Broken Parts

The first thing to do is to replace worn-out or broken parts. If you notice any cracks in the track or if the springs have come loose or broken, call a professional immediately. A broken spring could be very dangerous — especially if it happens while you're driving into your garage.

Use a Garage Door Lubricant

Garage doors require lubrication as they age. The most common lubricant is graphite powder because it lasts longer than other types of lubricants and can be applied easily without causing damage to the door itself. Make sure that you only use graphite powder on garage doors made from wood or steel; never use graphite on aluminium doors because it can cause corrosion damage over time.

Understand Your Warranty Coverage

Many garage door manufacturers offer warranties on their products. If you purchased your doors from a reputable company, they should be able to replace or repair the damaged parts at no charge if they fail within the warranty period. This can help you save money on replacement costs and avoid having to hire a professional to come out and fix it.

Check and Monitor the Spring Function

The spring is a critical part of your garage door system because it provides the force needed to raise or lower the door. It could be that your spring is broken or sagging, which can cause damage to other parts of your system. A broken spring will also make it difficult for your door to operate smoothly and efficiently, making it more likely that you'll need repairs later on down the road.

Clean the Exterior

The best way to maintain your garage door is by keeping it clean. This involves removing dirt and grime from its exterior regularly. The first step is to remove any large debris such as leaves and twigs from the track area with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Then use water and mild detergent to clean off any dirt or grease that has accumulated on the tracks themselves. Make sure that you rinse off all traces of soap before you allow it to dry completely.

Have a Trusted Company Servicing Your Garage Door

Garage doors can malfunction at any time, so it's important to have a trusted company servicing them on a regular basis so they stay in good working order year-round. A poorly maintained door can become damaged or even break down completely while you're away from home if not properly maintained.


If you want to get the most out of your garage door, make sure that you clean it and work on the maintenance regularly. The garage door is going to last for a long time when you take the necessary precautions to prevent problems. When you start working on your improvements, make sure that you hire a contractor who can offer you tips about best practices for doing this type of cleaning and maintenance.