How to Pressure Wash a Concrete

How to Pressure Wash a Concrete

A pressure washer is the best tool for cleaning concrete. It is a most effective machine that blasts away dirt from patios, sidewalks and driveways. It is necessary to clean your concrete to remove stains and preserve its good condition. You can either rent or buy a pressure washer to clean concrete. A 3000 PSI pressure washer is highly recommendable for concrete cleaning. Higher pressures remove stubborn stains such as oil, paint and rust.

The Best Choice for Concrete Cleaning

Get the best concrete cleaner from Giraffe Tools. It is known as a Pressure Washer and comes with a retractable hose. Use its long hose for your watering needs. It is the most famous product for a reason. You will love its design. It is a portable and small machine that is easy to carry around. Fix it on the wall with some screws. Plus, it feels solid and requires little maintenance. This long-lasting machine cleans concrete quickly.

Tips and Tricks to Pressure Wash Concrete

Below are a few tips to safely wash your concrete with a pressure washer.

  • First of all, make a plan for this cleaning project. Wear sturdy shoes and long pants.
  • Clear vehicle areas to prevent any interruption during the cleaning.
  • Apply a concrete cleaner to the surface.
  • Attach the garden hose of a pressure washer and green nozzle. Yellow and red nozzle tips deliver pressure in small areas. On the other hand, white and black are well-suited for washing sidings and cars.
  • Turn the washer on and give your concrete a once over to wash debris like grass, pebbles, and branches. Use a pressure washer with power higher than 3,000 PSI as it is the most powerful pressure washer for household items. Small pressure washers have low PSI, making them less suitable for homeowners.
  • The next step is to apply a concrete cleaner. Make sure you read the instruction manual to find the cleaners recommended to use with your washer. At this point, attach the low-pressure nozzle to your washer. Now, wait for 5 minutes and allow the cleaning solution to clean the mildew, tough grime and stains. A surface cleaner attached to a pressure washer removes dirt faster.
  • Now, your concrete should look clean. It is time to replace the low-pressure nozzle with a 25-degree tip. Rinse the surface. Keep a distance of 10 inches from the surface. Otherwise, it will cause damage.
  • After your concrete is dried, seal it to prevent dirt from entering open pores. Don’t remove coatings or sealers. Otherwise, your concrete will be vulnerable to damage. It is a good idea to seal your concrete to close open pores. The seal will keep the concrete clean. The dirt will remain on the surface, making it easier for you to remove.


Cleaning is an essential step in preserving the shine of the concrete floor. When you clean concrete in the right way, you enhance its durability of concrete. You also save the cost of replacing it. Lastly, Giraffe Tools Pressure Washer is a highly effective product that will work wonders on your concrete floor.