Main Features Of Dehydrator Machine

Main Features Of Dehydrator Machine

In the modern era, several new appliances are used by professionals as well as by households that makes their work easier by saving both time and energy. As food is the basic necessity for human existence, several inventions have been made in order to make food delicious as well as save from getting rotten. The use of kitchen appliances like fridge, deep freezer can keep food items for days without harming it. Similarly, the use of ovens, microwaves, grills etc. can make food more delicious if we cook food in it.

Main Features Of the Machine

The main features of the dehydrator machine are as follows: -

  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Available in different sizes and designs so that people can choose according to their needs.
  • Can be used by anyone.
  • Energy saver.
  • Expensive and cheap both ranges are available in the market depending on the size and functionality.
  • Can save and preserve food for a longer duration of time.
  • Its an automatic appliance that has a fan and a heating system that circulates air in an optimal temperature to dry and removes water/moisture in order to safe food from wastage.
  • Reusable.

Can We Cook Food in a Dehydrator Machine?

One should know and keep in mind that a food dehydrator machine ‘Cannot’ cook food! We can only use a dehydrator for keeping and preserving food items. We can keep the food item in the shelf/tray/box of the appliance to make it dry. The objective should always be drying of food in order to keep it safe and preserve for use in weeks or months. There are other appliances available for the purpose of cooking but not the dehydrating machine.

Methods for Dehydration:

The process of dehydration is not new. There are different methods that have been used since years from which some are as follows: -

Drying by Air-

Food can be dry by using the air in the atmosphere which is a simple method used since ages

Drying by Sun-

Sunshine is used for drying of foods, objects and other materials which is the oldest method

Drying by Ovens-

Ovens are also used for drying/ absorbing moisture from foods

Electric/ Dehydrating Machines-

The most effective method for drying and preserving of food is by using a dehydrator machine

Type of Dehydrator Machine:

Majorly there are three types that includes: -

  1. Stackable dehydrators have trays that can be placed above each other just like a stack.
  2. Shelf dehydrators are those having shelves where food can be placed in order to get dry.
  3. Cabinet dehydrators are usually big in size that’s why used professionally.


The product dehydrator machine ensures the drying of food items by removing water and moisture from it so that we can keep it and preserve it for several days. Anyone can use this appliance no matter a household or using for professional needs like restaurants, cafes, hotels. We can dehydrate any food item including vegetables, meat, fruits, seafood etc. Wastage of food becomes less as the product efficiently dries excess water from it.