Ways to Reset the Door Lock Actuator

Ways to Reset the Door Lock Actuator

You may be well aware that every vehicle's door actuator system has a composite door actuator whose responsibility includes the regulation of air in the vehicle. Moreover, it acts as a motor apparatus that changes the position of the door in response to the data obtained from the temperature control system.

Therefore, if you are facing any kind of disturbance while adjusting the airflow in your vehicle, there is a great chance that it is due to the door lock actuator. In this situation, the reset of the door lock actuator is the only option. It's very easy to reset the door actuators but gathering possible information about them is the most essential process.

What Is A Door Lock Actuator?

All our car doors are equipped with a mechanical component that is named a door lock actuator. Their working procedure includes locking and unlocking the door automatically with just one click of a button. In this way, the requirement of using the pulling rod and cable doesn't feel.

Most of the cars have an actuator that is attached to the latch by using a rod and this latch is further connected to the doorknob by using another rod. When a person pushes the doorknob in the downward position, the actuator present in it leaves the latch attached to the door handle. Now, it means that the door is locked and can't be opened now.

But once the doorknob is pushed upward, the latch will be connected to the door handle and the door will unlock and you can easily open the door. In this way, the mechanism of the door lock actuator works.

Steps To Reset the Door Lock Actuator

When the temperature setting on the dashboard is changed then the air from the heater and evaporator are combined and then traveled to the cabin. This part will keep on transferring the signals to the motor according to the chosen temperature setting by a person. The given steps will be helpful if you want to reset the door lock actuator.

Move to Door Actuator Assembly

There are composite doors on the passenger or driver's side in most of the cars. Right in the middle side of the dashboard, these composite doors are positioned at the back of the set of radios. Once you have removed the bolts on the side then you have to remove the shifter, electrical connections, and the links associated with the transmission.

Then, it's time to remove the radio unit along with the wires. After this, the actuator assembly will be accessed by you. You can figure out the damaged door lock actuator by putting on the air control system and then examining the driver and passenger side air.

Align the Output Shaft

It's important to align the output shaft so that it can move. It will be possible for you to check the movement by spinning the gears but only if they are aligned.

Turn the Electricity Off

Next, you have to find the fuse and then turn it off. The electrical drawings to display the number will be according to the model of your vehicle. Moreover, you can also disable the power connector of the battery.

Start the Vehicle

Once you have unplugged the power supply then use the ignition key or stop and start the switch to turn your vehicle on. In short, it will activate the BDA system.

Connecting Fuse

Then, connect the fuse again it will automatically adjust the position. Then, you have to check the door lock actuator's calibration to make sure that it's working perfectly.


If you are concerned about your car then it's important for you to know that the door lock actuator is one of the most important components of a car's HVAC system. if by chance there is a disturbance in it then you will have to face certain problems. Therefore, if any problem appears, reset the door lock actuator as early as possible.